Top 10 Free Smtp Server You Should Use

Top 10 Free Smtp Server You Should Use
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Top 10 Free Smtp Server You Should Use

SMTP Server (a server used to send mail) is a service that allows you to send emails in bulk, fast speed without being limited to the free mailboxes of Gmail or mail hosting.

Application of SMTP Server a lot, you can use to send Email Marketing, send notification notification in WordPress … in general, all email related operations need to SMTP Server.

Some vendors have only SMTP Server (or transactional email), but there is also a comprehensive email support solution provider that adds Email Marketing.

Previously I’ve introduced Mandrill, a great free MailPimp SMTP Server, but now it’s no longer free. So, I wrote this article introducing you to some of the world famous services.

1. Mailgun


Mailgun allows you to send 10,000 free emails per month, from $ 10,000 onwards to $ 0.0005 / email. This is a service provided by Rackspace, which is primarily used by developers with rich API libraries.

Mailgun has complete tracking statistics (open, click, delivery time …), support inbound routing, dedicated IP has official plugin for WordPress.

New accounts are limited to 100 mails per hour, if good mail delivery rates are removed. In addition, Account Free only sends to Authorized Recipients, so this account is almost useless. You need to upgrade account by adding card information, will not pay if the number of emails sent every month <= 10,000 mail, exceeded charged.

2. SendGrid


SendGrid is also a very popular name in the world, allowing you to send 12,000 free emails per month. If you exceed this limit you will have to pay $ 9.95 / month to be sent to 40,000 emails.

Similar to Mailgun, SendGrid also supports full statistics (open, click, delivery time, etc.), plugin for WordPress, and dedicated IP addressing.

Update: SendGrid no longer maintains 12k email packages every month, now is 40k free trial email for the first month, then if using the free 100 mail limit per day.

3. SendinBlue


SendinBlue sends 9,000 free emails per month, unlimited number of contacts, has tracking and special offers email template library to send professional Email Marketing.

With $ 7.37 per month you can send up to 40,000 emails, dedicated IP for $ 145 per year.

4. Elastic Email

Elastic Email

Not only is it providing SMTP Server services, Elastic Email Solutions offers all-in-one Email Marketing services with 150,000 free emails per month. The number of free emails sent daily is 5,000 emails. The next email is $ 0.09 per 1,000 mail sent.

This site is not limited to subscribers, rich email templates store, many themes, create email templates in drag and drop flexible. Support Campaigns, Automation, Report Full (Submitted, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Bounced …). Support always create online surveys (Surveys).

Note: If you use the Advanced Marketing Tools then it charges based on the number of contacts in the price list here. Instructions for turning off Advanced Marketing Tools here.

5. SparkPost


SparkPost allows to send extremely large emails, up to 100,000 free emails per month. If you use more than 100,000 emails, you will have to upgrade to the PRO package for $ 24.99 per month.

Dedicated IP here is $ 20 per month. Support statistics realtime.

6. MailJet


Mailjet offers an all-in-one email service, from Email Marketing to Email Transaction. Allows to send 6,000 free mails per month, limited to 200 emails per day. If you want to use more you need to upgrade to higher package.

7. Pepihost


Pepihost allows sending 25,000 free emails per month. The next emails are priced in a very weird way, based on the number of unread emails for $ 1 per 5,000 emails.

8. Postmark


Postmark allows you to try 25,000 free emails, then calculate the price based on the number of emails sent or less.

9. SendPulse


SendPulse allows you to send 12,000 free emails per month with the SMTP Server service, and with Email Marketing you get up to 15,000 free emails per month (2,500 subscriber limit). If you pass this number you will have to upgrade to a higher package, $ 8.85 per month for 25,000 emails sent with the SMTP Server.

10. Maildocker


Maildocker is a new provider, supporting you to send 10,000 free emails per month. If you want to upgrade further, Maildocker has a lot of flexible pay packages to suit your needs.


With the suppliers I introduce you must have chosen a suitable name then? If you know more quality suppliers, free or simply want to share experiences, please leave a comment below.

I am currently using the SendGrid service, quite fast and stable. In addition to using Amazon SES to send daily email notification, this is a paid service but very cheap.

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